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To Learn Beyond Academics

With WinspireGo, we help students to acquire knowledge outside the textbooks and this would definitely help students to THINK and GROW BIG in life.
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What is WinspireGo?

WinspireGo is a Motivation and Goal Setting App for every student.

Our Target Audience?

Age group of 10 years and above.

Our Promise

Students will learn at least five new things every day.

Our Mission

Help Students succeed in Career and Life.

What we cover?

WINSPIREGO, is a gateway to acquire knowledge outside the textbooks and this would definitely help the students think and grow big in life. It's a new dimension of learning which focuses on four aspects on a daily basis, that is very important for the students to become successful in life and career.


To overcome the fear and obstacles in reaching the goals, WinspireGo motivates the students through inspirational stories of successful people, motivational quotes and book recommendations. We identified through research that the dose of inspiration is required to students on a daily basis because motivation is key for any individual to attain full potential in life.

Creating interest in academics

We create interest in their own subjects such as Science, Social, English, Mathematics, and Reasoning through puzzles, speed math tests, reasoning questions, vocabulary builder and so on. We also prepare their mindset that is required for the competitive examinations.

General Knowledge

Whatever career a student may choose, General Knowledge is a key for growth and success in their career. We will make a habit of reading GK and current affairs daily in the form of MCQs every day. Along with it, we also provide them with the general awareness of things happening around them.

Career Guidance

Since market dynamics are changing so drastically with the advent of technology, students need to be updated about the emerging fields and the career opportunities available. WinspireGo is trying to help students by educating them about different career choices and the means to achieve them because successful people choose the right CAREER that suits them well.

How is WinspireGo useful to students?

✔ Motivate students every morning to do great things and keep their day more productive.


✔ Help them in solving numerical problems with speed and accuracy.


✔ Help them to build great vocabulary which benefits their communication - listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


✔ Help them to prioritize and manage their tasks more effectively and efficiently.


✔ Expand their knowledge base and explore new skills at an early age.


✔ Create awareness about various career opportunities and help them to choose the right career path.


✔ Create interest in academics through our puzzles and gaming activities.


✔ Inculcate the spirit of Questioning.


✔ Help them to understand and focus on their intellectual strengths.

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